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General information:

Science has become a boundless field in the world through modern educational methods and innovative teaching models. Scientific innovations discovered by modern technologies in any part of the world, regardless of language, nationality or race, are spread all over the world at once, analyzed, tested and applied by the academic staff. Scientific innovations also embody, not only states or continents but also  the order of the world. So, the discovery and development of every talented person is not the development of a country, a nation or a continent, at the same time an activity aimed at the development of our world. For this reason, we have combined our opportunities to support every citizen to learn modern academic innovations more easily. We have established the World Olympic Association platform, a virtual space for modern, innovative and international academic Olympiads that can be easily and freely used by everyone.

WOA is a modern innovative platform that supports private national and international Olympiads, as well as a virtual space aiming to the development of students and the area. You can participate in competitions organized in the "Trial tests" and "Accredited competitions" sections of the platform on a paid and free basis. Thereby, we supported the dissemination of subject Olympiads and international Olympiads to a wider audience, making them more accessible to more people.



Our goal is to spread and develop national and international Olympiads among the public, to make them more convenient and accessible, and at the same time to identify talented students. In addition to international subject Olympiads, the platform also includes various types of Olympiads organized around the world. (with copyright protection) 



  • Mock exams

In this section, mock exams are organized for students in order to prepare better for national and international competitions (competitions, knowledge contests, etc.), to get acquainted with examples of tasks, to further strengthen their knowledge and skills. By entering here, you can test yourself in various types of Olympiads, competitions and knowledge contests on a paid and free basis.

  • Accredited competitions:

Bu bölmədə isə Beynəlxalq təşkilatlar tərəfindən akkreditasyadan keçmiş və rəsmi nümayəndəlik almış milli və beynəlxalq olimpiadalar, müsabiqə, bilik yarışlar təşkil edilir.


Users and features:

  • Participant (pupils, students etc.)

For  participating in the Olympiads, you create your personal account by logging in and registering in advance. Through the personal cabinet, the student receives a notification of each competition. A student (a pupil)  sees the  results of the competition online  which he (she) participates and can  control the statistical dynamics. He can also get acquainted with explanatory solutions of tasks (pdf or videoAt the same time, each participant sees the place and the result at the end of the competition and receives a certificateTo check the authenticity of the Certificates of the participants in the competitions, it is available on the platform in the section "Verification of the authenticity of the certificate". In general, as a member of the platform, you will be able to collect all the data about you, the competitions in which you participate, statistical dynamics and your certificates in your personal account. Thus, it will allow you to analyze your increasing or decreasing dynamics in order to prepare better for future lessons.

  • Corporate employees (teachers, educational institutions, training centers, etc.)

For the first time, all organizations will be able to use an international, modern, innovative platform to easily organize their competitions. In order to develop the Olympiad competitions, the platform creates special opportunities for the organization of the Olympiads which  is arranged by various institutions and organizations. Thus, teachers and educational institutions (private and public institutions, schools, courses, individual teachers and other organizations) engaged with the preparation for the Olympics (competitions, knowledge contests) will be able to organize their Olympiads. So, you can prepare your own Olympiad and hold a competition through the WOA All you have to do is go to the collaborator registration section and give a brief description of yourself. We would like to emphasize that the WOA will pay you for the competitions and Olympiads you organize. Currently, there are mainly free competitions, but you can do the competition on a paid basis, depending on the wishes of the collaborator.